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John Oliver Destroys The NCAA With A Perfect 20 Minute Breakdown Of Why They Suck


Usually think it’s lame when blogs just auto-repost whatever John Oliver or Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert said on their shows last night and put straight on Youtube to go viral, but in this case it couldn’t be more perfect.  John Oliver with an A+ breakdown of all the NCAA hypocrisy we’ve been blogging about for years, and just in time for March Madness.  Need to carve 20 minutes of your day to check out the whole thing, even if you’re the staunchest anti-pay for play advocate since Mark Emmert.  Never hurts to hear another side of the argument.



Also need a copy of March Sadness 2015 ASAP, get a real true feeling for the NCAA hoops experience.




This whole system seems fundamentally flawed, and yet the NCAA constantly insists there is no way athletes can be paid even a nominal amount.  If college sports is all about exploiting people then yes, paying athletes would absolutely change the entire notion of what college sports is all about.  No one is saying they need to be paid millions, or hundreds of thousands, or the same amount, or even that every school needs to pay every athlete.  But to pay everyone zero when the kid selling their jersey at the campus bookstore gets $10 an hour seems a little strange.  And if it truly is all about the romance of amateurism that’s fine, give up the sponsorships,  and the TV deals, stop paying the coaches, and have teams run by an asthmatic anthropology professor with a whistle.






PS – As a ladder enthusiast I can tell you, Werner’s are shit.