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Sucking Down Some Classic Sports

I watched a few classic basketball games in March as a methadone to slowly ween myself off sports. I itched for noise to fill the silent void in my life with sounds of announcers and station break music. 

I couldn't see myself enjoying old sports from before I was even born, let alone getting addicted. 

You know the outcome, but can still find yourself getting lost in the minutes of the game, not knowing what's about to happen next. When that moment occurs, you feel a small adrenaline rush ... the hooks are in .. it's almost like ... sports are back. 

The 1987 National Championship was the first time the song One Shining Moment was aired. The song was originally supposed to be aired for Super Bowl XXI (Broncos vs Giants) with the lyrics "The Ball is Kicked" but CBS ran out of time, later airing the song with the lyrics the ball is tipped

The full championship game footage between Syracuse and Indiana gets the plums juiced up, just as much as One Shining Moment. Here are the highlights...

Coach Jimmy vs Coach Bobby. As an Indiana fan I believe this is the first time I've ever seen Indiana beat Syracuse and I wasn't even alive. Boeheim has Syracuse going from man defense to zone flawlessly to give Indiana everything they can handle (sounds too damn familiar for Indiana fans). Syracuse's future NBA big men are far more talented than Indiana's solid frontcourt and Boeheim uses it to his advantage. When the 4 point underdog Orangemen have the lead and all the momentum, Knight goes with a 3 guard line-up to get the offense going and ultimately the win.

18 lead changes and a last second shot in an NCAA championship game is something you love to see.

Syracuse NBA prospects: 

1990 Draft - 1RD/1st Derrick Coleman : Watching this game I can see why Coleman would eventually be the #1 overall pick

1989 Draft - 2RD/27th Sherman "The Syracuse General" Douglas

1988 Draft - 1RD/9th  Ronny Seikaly

Indiana NBA prospects:

1987 Draft - 2RD/ 26th Steve Alford 

1987 Draft - 4RD/120th Daryl Thomas : with 7 rounds in the NBA draft I guess they were just picking everyone

1988 Draft - 2RD/38th Dean Garret 

1988 Draft - 2RD/41st Keith Smart 

1990 Undrafted - Rick Calloway : played one year for Sacramento, but still a prospect?