Today is the 18th Birthday Of Stone Cold Steve Austin's "Austin 3:16" Promo


Uproxx – On June 23, 1996, Steve Austin defeated Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts to become King of the Ring. He walked up to the goofy little “king” set they’d set up for interviews and delivered a game-changing interview, blowing up the newly-religious Roberts with his now infamous Bible approximation. “Talk about your Psalms, talk about John 3:16 … Austin 3:16 says “I just whooped your ass!’” Austin would go on to be the biggest draw in the history of pro wrestling, and Austin 3:16 t-shirts would become a staple of late-90s dork fashion.


Do you feel old enough now? Stone Cold’s promo that launched him into super stardom is 18 years old today. It’s packing it’s bags and getting ready to head to college. Buying shower caddies n shit like that. Hoping it’s not in a forced triple. There are people (apparently a lot of people) who read this site who weren’t even born 18 years ago. I’m not even old. And now I feel old.


PS: If you’re going to Raw at Verizon Center tonight, you best be getting some Barstool shit on TV.

PS: Also, I need two free tickets.

PS: But only really good seats. No poor people seats.