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BREAKING: John McDonough Has Been Fired By The Chicago Blackhawks


Well this was some SHOCKING news. Let's get some details out of the way. 

1) Danny Wirtz is going to be the Interim President. 

We love this move. Danny Wirtz is a young guy with a ton of real world business experience. The Blackhawks, as an organization, were in need of a new vision and a new culture. He's an honest guy who is bright. He will change things in a positive manner. I wouldn't mind it at all if he pulled a Dick Cheaney, searched for the next Team President and found himself. He could also find a guy like Pete Hassen who has been with the Blackhawks for a LONG time and would also be ready for a promotion to the head spot. 

2) I have no idea what this means for Stan Bowman

3) I guess that is it for details on to the red meat

Now, look, there is no way for me to sugar coat this. I do not like John McDonough. I have a long history of blogging things I don't like about him, and a longer list of things I didn't publish that I don't like because I didn't have proof. He deserved to be fired and it probably should've happened a little bit earlier. I also don't like to dance on a man's grave. He's gone. He is out of our life. That is good. He also was here for three Stanley Cups. Maybe one day he will get a warm reception, and there are plenty of positives to point to when it comes to his tenure. I just always felt like he wanted more credit than he deserved for other people building the core and Rocky Wirtz giving him a blank check to make changes that were long overdue. He did modernize the Blackhawks and turned them into a premiere organization when historically they had been known as one of the worst. 

ALL the credit in the world goes to Rocky who previously this spring said changes weren't coming, pissing everyone(me) right off and then zagging, correcting, and changing the direction of the franchise before it was too late. Now the Blackhawks, take the fork in the road and begin a plan to actually have a plan. Something that has been severely lacking the last 5 years. Thanks for your service, John, but this is a good day.