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The Second Half Begins: Coach Duggs, (3) USC Head to Rival (9) Notre Dame Tonight LIVE on Twitch

After taking the weekend off, USC and Offensive Coordinator Gus Duggerton are back on the sticks tonight to take on rival Notre Dame in South Bend.

Since it has been three days since the Trojans have taken the field, here's a recap of what happened on Friday night, when Coach Duggs and company survived a late surge from No. 6 Washington, escaping with a 47-42 victory:

There is no doubt that QB Chaz Kyle will provide fireworks game in and game out. Look no further than his 600+ yard performance plus five TD's and five INT's. But folks around the country are continuing to act pessimistic towards the USC defense. 

Of course, Coach Gus Duggerton has absolutely no control over this, and it sure would be a shame if this was the driving force that eventually made him leave USC after one year (spoiler: he is going to leave USC after one year no matter what). 

If Chaz Kyle can settle down the INT's and the defense can step up, look out. If not, there could be some trouble in paradise for Coach Duggs and the Trojans.

9 PM ET kickoff LIVE on the Pardon My Take Twitch feed: