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All Three Iowa Schools Are In The Big Dance!

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Here we go!  Three Iowa teams are going to the Big Dance!  Pretty awesome.  UNI scored a 5 seed and will play Wyoming.  Iowa State got a 3 seed and will play UAB.  And Iowa got a 7 seed and will play Davidson.  Awesome.  Kinda feel like UNI got screwed a little bit with their seeding.  30 wins just don’t go as far as it used to.  LOVE.  LOVE Iowa getting a 7 seed.  After getting bounced by Penn State early in the B1G tourney there was talk of them dropping to a 8 seed.  Didn’t happen.  Iowa State getting a 3 seed isn’t surprising.  All in all, an awesome day for the state of Iowa.  Should be a super fun week for the people around here.  Gonna be pretty crazy when Iowa shocks the world and makes it to the Final Four.