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From The Desk Of Barstool's Newest Junior Draft Analyst: How Did This Quarterback Go Undrafted?

I saw this floating around earlier today and figured I'll throw myself into the farm of Junior Analyst of the NFL Draft. Why not? I am our senior analyst for the NBA Draft. I was even named the most accurate and best at predicting talent from the 2017 NBA Draft by some website that tracked every single prediction. 

So I remembered this tweet after seeing her newest throw floating around today and Nate's blog wanting her at No. 2 for the Skins. I decided to do some digging. 

This is coming from the desk of a draft analyst after all. So let's break it down: 

Name: Morgan Kachenmeister 

Age: Somewhere in the 20s

Position: Quarterback 


Pros: Clearly has a rocket arm. Ability to play on any sort of surface - makes me comfortable drafting her to a dome team or outdoors team. Good mobility in the pocket. 

Cons: A little worried about accuracy. Not sure who she's throwing to on the beach. Not throwing in shoulder pads, not sure how throwing in a bikini translates to that. Might have a Dennis Rodman situation on our hands where she wants to take vacations in the middle of the season

Overall grade: Worth a shot in the 6th round because how many people actually make a difference at that point? 

Draft Pageviews Analyst out.