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Terps Are Somehow Only a 4 Seed, Will Face Valparaiso on Friday in Columbus

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Well that’s the breaks. The selection committee somehow slapped Maryland in Kentucky’s bracket as the 4 seed. No real logic behind not being a 3. I don’t know how they can come into the week as a top 10 team in the nation and come out of the week as a 4 seed, especially after beating Michigan State twice during Big 10 play. And it’s hard to say losing to them in the B1G tournament would hurt them that much because OU is a 3 in the East while the Terps are a 4 in the Midwest. Really, really bad job by the committee. 10 loss Oklahoma is a 3. OU stinks.


Regardless, we back in the dance! Been a while but the Terps are back. And we get the chance to knock off Kentucky in the Sweet 16. That’ll be awesome. And we are having our watch party on Friday, which is PERFECT. All day on Friday we will be at Capitol Lounge in DC getting drunk and watching basketball. And hopefully we will be giving away 50 Dirty Terps shirts. Hopefully. More info on that coming.