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This Ranking of NFL Theme Songs Couldn't Be More Wrong

My wife got a TikTok during quarantine. As one can imagine, she has yet to stop since she hit "download" on the app. 

So I've become numb to hearing "Blinding Lights Challenge" or whatever that one that Addison Rae does everyday. 

But miraculously over the weekend she was scrolling for what seemed to be the third hour straight of nonsensical videos when something different caught my ear. 

It was the NFL on FOX theme song. Immediately it caught my attention so I stopped scrolling on Twitter on my phone, leaned over on the couch, and took a look. 

What I saw was the most egregious ranking of the NFL theme songs I've ever seen.


4. CBS

3. FOX

2. NBC Sunday Night Football

1....NFL NETWORK?!?!

Look, it's TikTok so I can't say I'm all that surprised that this is what a viral video of these rankings would look like, but still this is all sorts of out of wack. 


First off, there should be only one answer to what is number one, and that is hands down FOX. It is pro football. The only song that you think of when a team is running out of a tunnel on TV is the FOX theme song. It's the perfect mix of pump up and dramatic. 

The fact that the NFL Network theme is even on this list, let alone NUMBER 1, is insane. That old Thursday Night Football theme from them had "ohhh shit that starts this week? OK uhhh throw some mix of the NFL Films bells in there with something and slap it on the open". 

NBC's Sunday Night Football has a real gladiator feel to it, but CBS is a classic and has been around longer so that gets the nod for me. 

Here's how the list should look: 

1. FOX

2. CBS

3. NBC


Not even putting that NFL Network song in my list. Can't do it. What's yours?