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These Are Some Of The Dirtiest Air Hockey Dangles You'll Ever See

I'm at a point where I can barely watch anymore highlights of actual hockey because it hurts too much that we don't have the Stanley Cup Playoffs right now. The Flyers should be well on their way to advancing to the Eastern Conference Final right now but we all know that's not happening now. 

So with actual hockey clips being too painful to watch at the moment, I've made my way over to air hockey highlights. And let me tell ya, I haven't gone too in depth into the world of Air Hockey but I have to imagine this Cummings kid has the dirtiest dangles in the league. We're talking full blown Datsyuk-ian level dangles here. He was just toying with this poor guy the whole game. I mean he's not much of a defender but as far as his handle on the puck goes?

By the way, that video was from the 2015 World Championships. 4 years later, turns out the Datsyuk of Air Hockey is actually the Gretzky of Air Hockey because this Colin Cummings kid is still dominating the world. 

THE GREAT ONE. We are not worthy. Somebody get me Colin Cummings on Chiclets. This kid is a wagooooooon.