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Isiah Thomas Went On ESPN This Morning To Give The Worst Apology In Recorded History In Response To Being Called An Asshole In The MJ Doc

1st off... 

I don't want this Isiah Thomas blog to be all about me, but same time you have a right to know I'm not at 100%. Not even close. I'm like Kerry Wood that time he faceplanted coming out of a hot tub and was day-to-day with a sore chest. No one could have guessed that would have ever happened and a lot of people are saying the same thing about me almost taking my finger off this morning on some loose glass from an old barbecue sauce bottle in the garbage chute. Absolutely pathetic effort on my part. 

Speaking of pathetic efforts, l'm now ready to talk Isiah Thomas from this morning. 

That little bitch. 

If you're not dead then you watched the MJ doc parts 3 & 4 last night which got into one of the most embarrassing displays of sportsmanships of the 20th century. Thats what has Horace all fired up. The Pistons get swept and leave before the game/series is over so they don't have to physically congratulate the Chicago Bulls on their dominant performance. 

Utterly disgusting:

MJ being MJ obviously still holds a grudge and for good reason.

Getting into the history and details, MJ stuck around and shook all the Pistons' players hands every time they got eliminated in the playoffs years prior. MJ's tangent about being a good sport and accepting defeat is something you rarely get to hear from him. To call it powerful would be an understatement, so obviously the internet got all salty with Isiah and treated him like an asshole. There's literally no other explanation for him leaving the bench. So naturally, Isiah had to go on ESPN this morning to clear the air with this all time word salad

The fuck was that? 

Apologizing to Jalen Rose and Chris Weber and what the fuck am I missing? Guy lies through his teeth in the doc then pulls this shit 12 hours later and I need to know if I took crazy pills this morning? Or maybe it's the overwhelming loss of blood? Either way I'm dizzy and can't come to understand just how delusional you need to be to publicly go on record like Isiah Thomas did this morning. 

You owe an apology to Michael Jordan and the people of Detroit for being a pussy. For having no honor, respect or code when it comes to being a victor. Easy to be the guy when things are fine and dandy but to get swept and leave the building without acknowledgment is a different story. I know we said over last summer that if our kids were giving out high fives at the LLWS to the other players after giving up homeruns that we'd kill them and rightfully so

But it would be way worse if my kid was a huge pussy and sat in the parking lot after losing for the first time in 3 years. I would transcend the famous boundary of getting mad and go right to All Time Disappointment. Anyone worth a shit as a child knows what I'm talking about. Literally no worse emotional punishment than when dad is so disgusted he can't even look you in the eyes. 

Talk to your mother

This is a hypothetical that I've put into my own blog and even under these circumstances I still feel awful about letting down my father.

Isiah Thomas should feel awful too because he's a dishonest sore loser that wants everyone to feel bad for him. Well fuck that and the horse he rode in on. It's these kind of trust issues that kept you off the Dream Team in the 1st place. 30 years later and he's still pulling the same bullshit. 

Take it away Chief