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CONFIRMED: Victoria F Is In Iowa With Chris Soules


We've now got confirmation that Victoria F is in Iowa with Chris Soules and the source is herself. I worked on this story for a year and she just.............posted it on instagram. She went from posting sneaky instagram stories of corn fields to just being like, "Yes I'm in Arlington, Iowa with Chris Soules." We knew but now we know know. Still one of the strangest couples to ever randomly emerge from the Bachelor Universe. I need to know the whole story of how it all started and when she decided to make the leap and head to the great midwest. We know it started from a DM slide but that's about it. 

That caption is hilarious by the way. I think she did that on purpose? Yeah she had to. "Farm life" with the exact opposite of farm life in the picture.

I don't remember the part in So God Made A Farmer where Paul Harvey said, "God said I need somebody who will sit on a coffee in a gold dress, take a picture and then post that picture on instagram, so God made a Victoria F"