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After Watching The Trailer I'm All In On Kevin Durant's New Basketball Documentary

Few things are hotter in the streets right now than basketball documentaries. Personally, I love it. Of all the types of documentaries/content out there I love basketball ones the most. Doesn't matter if they revolve around a certain player like Jordan, DRose, Giannis, Boogie, Ron Artest, Marbury, etc who have all put out ones recently or something like Durant's new one that's about PG County and all the talent that's come out of that region. It's honestly pretty ridiculous when you look at the names that made the league 

Kevin Durant

Len Bias

Michael Beasley

Victor Oladipo

Markelle Fultz

Jeff Green

Quinn Cook

Ty Lawson

Jerami Grant

Jarrett Jack

Rodney McGruder

Delonte West

Danny Ferry

but up until today the internet hadn't been given a preview of it. Showtime usually knocks these out of the park and this one looks to be just as awesome. When you think of the Mecca of Basketball, I imagine you come up with a lot of other places before PG County. Shit, I didn't really know about this area until I first learned KD was making this doc and did some reading on it. The beauty of the May 15th date is it'll lead us right into the weekend of the final two MJ doc episodes. That's certainly a way to guarantee I don't go outside. 

This is one of the things I love about 2020. All these players have their own production company and are developing these awesome documentaries. We learned the other day how Wade is making one about the Redeem Team, Steph Curry produced one about the jump shot 

I'm sure there will be one about Kobe, you know LeBron is going to get into the documentary game, this is a great time to be a basketball/NBA fan. You take the time to put out a bomb basketball themed documentary I can guarantee you I'm going to watch it. That is a promise.