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There's No Better Time To Shoot Your Shot With Your Ex Than During The Showcase Showdown

I'm trying not to get caught up in my emotions, which is tough to do since I've been locked inside with minimal human contact for the last 7 weeks. But watching a man use his one free Price Is Right shout out to ask his old flame for another chance while a giant wheel randomly decides his fate is the most romantic thing the name Paris has ever been associated with, no matter if it had about the same shot as connecting as Carlton at Bel-Air Academy once upon a time.

I imagine when this guy was on Price a few months ago, he thought this was the ultimate Hail Mary since the only people usually watching The Price Is Right are the unemployed, kids missing school with a sick day, or smut bloggers. But now that everyone has been sentenced to house arrest, this shot may have actually connected thanks to a worldwide pandemic, which is like something you would see in the movie, or likely a on TV as some super trashy movie that went straight to cable. Regardless, if the good folks in Hollywood want to take a break from rebooting every movie from our childhoods, they should greenlight the love story From Paris With Love And A Newwww Carrrrr before lunch, which ironically is always scheduled for right when Price ends.