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Introducing Caleb and Rone's New Show: Rabbit Hole

You know how they say, k.i.s.s.? Keep it simple, stupid? 

Well, here we are. 

Tonight, as a new show, Rone and I will watch funny YouTube videos on a live stream. That's the whole concept. It's called "Rabbit Hole."  Think of it as Young & Happy on coronavirus. 

We did a test run last week to make sure the technology component worked, and it was actually so fun we ended up doing it for over an hour with no audience. I think it really will be a great time for everyone involved.

We're going to start on YouTube tonight around 11pm (whenever Unboxing ends). We'll go for an hour, or however long feels right. If you like it, we will make it a recurring show. If you hate it, we will find it a place next to Bunk Bros, B-Boy Stance, and The Barstool Travel Show in our closet of legendary ideas. 

See you tonight.