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It Brings A Tear To My Eye To See Tua Tagovailoa Give Sandler's Longest Yard The Respect It Deserves

As an avid Sandman supporter, this brings a fucking tear to my eye. The man that everyone loves again thanks to Uncut Gems (I always loved him despite his Jack & Jill era unlike you frauds) has made many classics in his day. Of course on his docket we have the Billy Madison's, we have the Waterboy's, we even have the underrated classics like the Grown Ups 2's...but for some reason the Longest Yard always slips through the cracks when talking about great Sandler movies.

I've really been warming up to it during quarantine since it's literally been on TNT nonstop. Like more than Goodfellas is on AMC & more than the frosted tips of one Guy Fieri is on the Food Network so I can confidently say it's really high up there on Sandler's most underrated list.

The Sandman is phenomenal in it, Chris Rock (RIP Caretaker) is absolutely hilarious, and the random array of wrestlers & more people in Sandler's posse that make up the rest of the cast simply make it all-time. Nelly, Stone Cold, Goldberg, Michael Irvin, Terry Crews, Joey Diaz, friggen' BURT REYNOLDS, and Nick Turtorro! Nick Turtorro's probably most known for his role of Brucie in the Longest Yard, but he's a hilarious New York-centric paisan Twitter follow & it's a beautiful thing to see the 5th overall pick giving some love to him and the movie.

If Tua's a fan...I'd like to think every football player around my age is one as well. Beautiful movie. If Tua's half as good as Brucie at quarterback...the Dolphins are in trouble.