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Barstool Storyboards - Dennis Rodman: In The Mix


Last night was supposed to be the "Dennis Rodman" episode of The Last Dance. Scottie got a full hour. Michael is getting 10. The Worm got like 15 minutes last night. And let me tell you folks, 15 minutes isnt enough time to capture The Worm's essence. Hell, 15 hours, maybe even 15 years isnt enough. I know that A) The Last Dance is really all about MJ, and B) despite a handful of "fucks" and "bullshits" last night, its still on ESPN and is a family program. And so I knew ESPN couldnt truly dive into Dennis Rodman's full existence, but luckily over here at Barstool Sports, we can. 

When the North Korea shit went down with Rodman, I knew I wanted to make this docupod. That alone was enough to make an episode of Storyboards. I remember everyone kind of chuckling about it, and I was the one yelling at people to make sure they truly understood the ridiculousness that is Dennis Rodman being a rogue ambassador to North Korea. It was the perfect example of how people have grown to just accept Rodman's outrageous behavior. So I set out to really paint the picture and what I realized was that picture is way more intricate that I expected. The hair and the piercings and the girlfriends were only half the story. When I learned about his upbringing - both his real family and his surrogate family - and the deaths that shattered his life and theirs...when I learned about the 40+ children his biological father sired...when I learned about the enormous growth spurt he experienced very late in life...I realized I wasn't just painting a paint-by-numbers water color picture for your mom to hang on the fridge. I realized the tale of Dennis Rodman and his fascinating life was belongs in a goddam museum. 

And of course the difference here with Barstool Storyboards is I'm able dive into a lot of the stuff that other outlets can't. In The Mix is able to talk about the time Dennis Rodman broke his penis. And we were able to talk about the other time he broke his penis. We were even able to talk about the other, other time he broke his penis, because he broke his cock THREE TIMES in his life. I was able to dive into the stories about Madonna wanting him to get her pregnant, and his relationship with Carmen Electra. The stories of Craig Sager trying to stop Rodman from killing himself in the parking lot of a casino. I mean honestly, the story of Dennis Rodman is one of the most captivating biographies you'll ever heard. An improbable NBA hall of famer, who morphed into a pop culture sensation, who ended up becoming a symbol for international peace. I honestly say this without an ounce of sarcasm or exaggeration:

Dennis Rodman is one of the most interesting, intriguing, complex, and entertaining characters to ever walk God's green earth. Hes a Shakespearean comedy and tragedy all rolled up into one big ass, bad ass body.

So give the podcast a listen here: 

Dennis Rodman: In The Mix

And check out the Storyboards website for more blogging, videos, and artwork related to The Worm. One of my favorite projects I've ever worked on during my time here at Barstool Sports.

360 degrees of Dennis Rodman's on the court and off the court insanity. Blogging, video and audio along with cartoons and artwork to capture his essence

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