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Transracial Fella Describes A Day In His Life Through The Majesty of Song

Sometimes on the internet it’s difficult to tell what’s real, what’s fake, and what the fuck is this? I stumbled across this dude’s Instagram and I couldn’t look away. Is it an act? Is it to become famous?

Who knows? I enjoy it though. He’s just out there L I V I N the best way he knows how. Gotta respect that, right? Wanna be more tan? Knock yourself out. Wanna get cooler hair? Buddy, me too. Wanna get a little more clout? Don’t we all.

Nasty, nasty rumors are starting to swirl around our new friend. Why would anyone think that a “fuck whites” tattoo means that he’s anti white? That’s garbage. It’s rubbish. It’s untrue. He never said that.

Also, Micheal Scott wants his Chris Rock impression back.