Billy Gillispie Is Trying To Start A Tournament At Rupp Arena Featuring Former UK Coaches And He Can Just Get The Fuck Outta Here

Oh Billy Gillispie wants to come back to Rupp for a tournament now that he's a Division I head coach again? Yeah, fuck outta here Billy Clyde. Of course you want to come back to Rupp. Of course you want to get Kentucky on the schedule because it's a way for your team to get money. You don't deserve the right to step foot in Rupp Arena again. I can't stress this enough, Billy Gillispie ruined Kentucky basketball. 

In two years Gillispie did as much damage to the program as anything you'll ever see. He missed the NCAA Tournament one year and lost in the first round in the other. He tricked everyone (including myself as a junior at UK) that he was a great coach because of Acie Law and Texas A&M. Just a reminder that Acie Law was absolutely filthy. I still can't believe Law wasn't a better pro. 


There's not a program in the country better than UK at bringing guys home. Every former coach is welcome back. Every former player is welcome back. They get to be the Y in the second half tradition. They get standing ovations. But Billy Clyde? Nope. He ruined college for me. He ruined Kentucky hoops. He lost a game by trying to block a free throw. Let me say that again. HE TRIED TO BLOCK A FREE THROW.

See you at Two Keys though, Billy.