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Still Trying To Figure Out The Crazier Part Of This Story - Sending MJ To Vegas To Get Rodman Or Carmen Electra Hiding In His Bed Describing The Situation

I'll be honest - I've been thinking about this ever since this story was aired. I've debated myself about what's the craziest part of this story - sending Michael Jordan to Vegas to bring Dennis Rodman back or Carmen Electra hiding in Rodman's bed telling the story. It all makes no sense. Obviously you have to start with Dennis Rodman just heading to Vegas to begin with. Not only that, but Phil asked Michael if it was okay to let that happen. So sure there goes Rodman in the middle of the season to Vegas for a vacation. 

Naturally Rodman didn't. come back after 48 hours. Why would he? We're talking about Rodman in the late 90s and Vegas. But here's where the debate starts. I get sending your star player to go 'save' the guy you need on your team from Vegas. I get that he has to be the one to bring him back and get him back in basketball mind. Howevah, that player was Michael Jordan. You know what Michael Jordan likes as much if not more than hoops? Gambling. 

Or you know, just search 'Michael Jordan, gambling' and you'll get the point. Feel like MJ may have waited a few hours to get Rodman after walking through the casino floor. 

But you want to talk about top notch editing. That cut from Jordan saying 'I won't say who was in the room, etc' to Carmen Electra flat out saying 'yeah that was me' is perfect. Which brings me to the second point. Dennis Rodman was pulling Carmen Electra! I know Rodman was famous and a rock star and all that good stuff. But this is what Carmen Electra looks like 

She was just laying up in his bed hiding! There are so many things I need to know about this scenario. What was MJ's reaction when he saw this? Something tells me that reaction needed a camera. I can only imagine some of the things he started saying to Rodman too. 

It's gotta be Jordan going to Vegas, right?