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How Many Boys Did Carmen Electra Turn To Men As Roxanne In "Good Burger"

The answer should honestly be zero. Because if you were an actual fan of Good Burger, you'd want absolutely nothing to do with Roxanne getting her way and prying that secret sauce out of Ed for Mondo Burger. But even still, Nickelodeon knew exactly what they were doing with this one. 

Good Burger was quite possibly the most important movie release for kids at that point. So you've got every kid in America rushing to the theaters to see the movie and then Nickelodeon decides to throw this Hall of Fame rocket our way just unleashing missiles of sex over the screen?

You walked into that theater as a boy and you came out a man. Otis knows exactly what I'm talking about. 

I know he was in The Godfather and everything but filming that scene had to be the highlight of Abe Vigoda's acting career. 

You probably never even thought about girls before you went to go see that movie but you knew that something about Roxanne made you feel a little something. That is, of course, until she ended up looking like this and then you erupted in cheer knowing that Ed kept the sauce recipe safe. 

But either way, your life was never the same after you were introduced to Roxanne. And the way she made you feel when she popped up on your screen last night during The Last Dance is exactly how she made you feel for the first time 23-years ago. Legend.