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Science or Aliens? Incredible Video Of Glow In The Dark Dolphins Swimming Over At Newport Beach, California

Okay so we've got glow in the dark dolphins over in Newport Beach, California. Nature is so fucking cool. Here's an explanation for what is actually going on. 

The area’s coastline had seen a red tide recently, in which algae blooms become so thick that they visibly discolor the water. Some types of these tiny ocean-dwelling organisms undergo a chemical reaction that gives off blue light. And while you can’t see this light during the day, the algae tends to swim upward toward the light in the daytime—meaning if they’re still sticking around at sunset, you might just be in luck to catch them illuminating. -Source

Bioluminescence algae. They come once a year and stick around for a week. The ocean is like a reddish tint in the day time but at night they light up with movement. So not aliens? You mean to tell me we've got waves and dolphins glowing in the dark and we're not alarmed?

Nah you know what? I've seen that blue circle before and it wasn't because of a boat doing donuts. 

I'll tell ya what's happening. Godzilla saw what happened over at Newport Beach this past weekend and is here to fix the problem. 

You've made your bed, now lie in it.