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Absolutely Fascinating - Dennis Rodman On The Art Of Rebounding

If you ever wondered how a 6'7 forward led the NBA in rebounding by 4-5 boards several times throughout his hall of fame career, look no further than episode 3 of The Last Dance. The part where goes down the rabbit hole of mastering the knowledge of how a shot bounces of rims was insane. If Mike was on one spot, he knew to which block to take. He knew Larry Bird had a higher spin rate on the bounce, and he did this having his buddies just bomb 3's in the practice gym. What a side gig being Rodman's buddy that gets the 4am phone call to pound 3's and then obviously great tasting less fillings after because let there be no doubt The Worm is a HUGE Miller Lite guy. Rebounding and Great Tasting Less Fillings. No wonder Chicago loved this guy