The Real THIS LEAGUE: Phil Jackson Coached In Puerto Rico Where We Had Chicken Blood On Benches And A Mayor Shooting A Ref

Just casually dropping these stories during The Last Dance? Feels like we need a documentary on this league (ahem, THIS LEAGUE) as well. Sure it sounds a lot like what we have over in Europe for hoops and soccer for sure, but listen to this story again. It starts with a chicken being murdered in a graveyard so the blood can be all over the visitors bench? Why did you have to murder it in a graveyard. Feel like the point comes across without that. And that's not even the craziest part of this fucking story! 

The mayor in the town where Phil coached SHOT A REF. Still might not even be the craziest part. His punishment was being unable to go to home games. That's it! For shooting a ref in the lower leg! Gonna guess the ref called a charge call. It's always a charge call. 

Fucking crazy that PHIL JACKSON coached there. That's how it was back in the 70s and 80s. You coached overseas and in the CBA before getting an assistant job. Just wild to think about arguably the greatest NBA coach ever started there. Need to know way more about this Puerto Rican league that Phil coached in.