Craig Sager Is A Legend For Slipping Dennis Rodman $20 For His Fine

There have been a ton of amazing interviews and cameos so far through three episodes of The Last Dance but Craig Sager might take the cake. It only took a moment but that's all he needed for in my opinion the best cameo of anyone. What a legendary move to casually toss Rodman a $20 bill for his fine. Anyone else that would have seemed like a weird move but with Sager it played perfectly. There are already a million reasons to love Craig Sager, but that short clip makes him even cooler to me. I had never seen that shit before and I doubt this was the only time he did it. Are there a million stories out there of Sager sliding players cash in the tunnel? Need those to come out tomorrow as the world reacts to that moment. 

Wish he was alive to be part of this thing. I can only imagine the stories he had were incredible.