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KFC Radio March Madness Tournament For Premium Subscribers


KFC Radio March Mayhem Bracket

We’re throwing together a nice little March Madness bracket as a way to say thank you to all the people who have signed up for a premium subscription. Its gonna be a $500 price for whoever takes it down, no entry fee. The pool is password protected right now, after Selection Sunday we’ll be sending out an email blast to all members to give you the password.

If you’re not premium and you wanna get down with the extra episodes and this tournament, you can sign up here. Premium subscription gets you access to extra episodes of Mailtime, early access to KFC Radio videos, complete use of the KFC Radio app, and now entrance into this $500 pool. 12 dollars for the year. A buck a month for all that stuff, dont be a poor person. Get involved.  Join KFC Radio Premium here.

So again here’s the link to our pool. Once you’ve signed up you’re automatically added to our list so just be on the lookout for our email to get the password once the brackets are set. If you’ve been thinking about getting a premium subscription and you’re on the fence, nows the time to take the plunge.