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Bat Flipping To The Moon Off Your Wife Is One Way To Spend Quarantine Sleeping On The Couch

Somewhere Goose Gossage just passed out in anger watching that showboating. Moon shot. Bat flip. Stare down. That was cold-blooded and ruthless. I mean what can you expect when you lay one down the pipe and the only other alternative is a dent in your garage door? Of course you got to pull trigger and send that to Saturn. That frozen look from his wife right after he made contact was incredible. That's one you don't even look to see where it lands. Just ask blue for a new ball and try to forget that an object is leaving the atmosphere because of your mistake. 

Does the bat flip and immediate post to social media likely lead to a night on the couch? Yeah, probably, but it was worth it. That ball is still going, the bat is headed towards the neighbor's car, and your wife is now second guessing every pitch she throws to you for the remainder of quarantine. 

Also, after whiffing on this 12-6 the other day there was no other choice then to go full Derek Dietrich right there. 

How awesome must it be to have a wife Iike Riley, a former D1 softball player from Texas A&M, who can throw live sim games to you in your front yard/garage area? Here I am sitting in a bedroom of darkness with every Marvel movie on repeat in the background for the 100th time. I'm just out of options to keep myself busy when I'm not working. Noah and Riley wake up every morning and go to war. They probably don't even talk to each other in the morning so they can stay locked in for the upcoming battle that day.