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Are You Strong Enough To Not Watch The Leaked Episodes Of 'The Last Dance'?

Take one second to search on Twitter and you'll see that apparently a shit ton of the episodes of The Last Dance have leaked online. Welcome to life in 2020. I'm not sure how, but you knew somewhere on the dark web someone was going to get access to these episodes and release them to the world. That's even more true during quarantine where all bets are off. I dunno about you, but I basically wait all week for Sunday night. Those two hours that we all get to watch this documentary is pretty much all we have left to keep us sane and a way to get through the Monday through Saturday grind. The second the last episode ends my brain immediately starts the countdown until the next Sunday.

So, now that the episodes are easy to find if you do a little digging, would you watch them early? I look at it like when GoT was on and before it went to shit. I avoided all of the leaked episodes like the plague. When something is this huge cultural phenomenon that the entire internet joins hands and watches together, I never wanted that to be spoiled. If ESPN decided to drop all 10 at once I would obviously have no problem running through them all in one sitting, sleep be damned. I feel like as as society we're so used to Netflix binging that it's on you if you take your time to run through all the episodes.


But that's not the case here. I'm dying to see all of the episodes just like every other sports fan on the planet, but I'm not watching them early. No chance. I'm no hero, I'm just someone that needs something to look forward to each week. If I run through them all right now in the hours leading up to tonight's episodes, I then have nothing to look forward to over the next 4 weeks. I'm not getting the same sort of enjoyment of watching each episode and experiencing NBA Twitter at the same time. That's half the fun of this whole documentary. If I knew about "cocaine circus" early? It would have ruined the viewing experience in my opinion. This quarantine isn't ending anytime soon and things are hard enough as it is. I have no interest in making things even tougher by running through the one thing we have to look forward to.

Maybe I'm alone here. I don't blame you for running through the episodes if you come across a way to watch them. Just keep that shit to yourself when it comes to the juicy/viral stuff. Don't be that person that ruins it for the rest of the internet.