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There's A Surprising Prospect At The Top Of The 2021 NFL Draft Board

While the rest of the NFL sits on their hands after hours of heartily patting themselves on their backs for a job well done, us real scouts are already grinding tape for next year. If you don't have a Mock Draft 1.0 ready to publish first thing in the morning are you even really a fake internet scout, bro? Luckily for you, I am a real fake internet scout. And if you've been following me for any amount of time, you know I don't discriminate when it comes to talent evaluation. I don't care which animal kingdom you represent, your age, weight, sex, none of it. If you've got transferrable skills I'm listening, and that's exactly what happened here tonight.

Did I think Princess Diana was a great NFL prospect as recently as 15 minutes ago? No, no I did not. Some people walk into the Combine in a t-shirt and shorts and don't jump out at you. Famously Kwame Brown was an all time "First guy off the bus" prototype whose intimidating stature more than looked the part. But we all know that's merely scratching the surface when it comes to prospect evaluation. What do they do once they're out between those white lines is what I care about above all. You're built like Nikola Jokic? Don't care. You're the Princess of Wales? Good for you, as long as you can play that's all we're looking for. And let me tell you, that speed??? Running in a helmet and shoulder pads while the rest of the field showed up dressed for some tea and biscuits tells me a lot about this prospect. Dress for the job you want, dress for success, and so-on. This year we saw Henry Ruggs III become the first receiver taken after posting insane speed numbers at the combine. I'm predicting a similar trend continuing in 2021, with Di leading the pack. Plus, if we learned anything from ESPN's draft coverage this year, her story should fit right in with the rest of the first rounders.