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Weekend Wake Up: The Best Song On Lil Wayne's Da Drought 3, "We Takin Over"

"HELLO HIP HOP I'M HOME, IT'S YA DADDY". The best song on the best mixtape EVER, "We Takin Over" by Lil Wayne is an all-time mixtape jam. Everything he did on this tape was unreal. I don't think this burned cd left my CD player for at least a year. Blared it all the way down to Ocean City and back for Senior Week and the volume was at max the entire time. The entire list of songs is amazing, and there isn't anything out there recently that could stack up to what 2007 Wayne was doing. 

"Seat Down Low", "Walk It Out", "I Can't Feel My Face", "Dough Is What I Got", "Blooded", "King Kong", "Upgrade U", I mean I could keep going if you want me to. Hit after hit after hit. I don't want to hear anything from kids born in the year 2000 talking about BEST MIXTAPES because you were in 3rd grade when Wayne was putting these out every year, enough out of you young ones. Now do yourself a favor and listen to the beating that Wayne used to put on the rap game. 

PS. My old Xbox name used to be "LilWeezyanna22". The white kid with bleach blonde hair had his Xbox named after the best rapper ever.