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BREAKING: Kim Jong Un Confirmed Alive And Well

Also Breaking:

What, you thought I was gonna let Chaps and White Sox Dave get all those sweet sweet Kim Jong Un is dead blog clicks? When there is almost no other fresh content in the world? 아이를주세요 (That's supposed to say Child Please in Korean because there's no chance our site can handle that. Remember when Ocho Cinco used to say delightful phrases like that and Kiss The Baby? Simpler times).

Anyway, RIP in peace Mr. Un, if you have indeed passed away. To be clear, I am only wishing a potentially dead murderous dictator a peaceful afterlife because it is Opposite Day. Then again, if it was really Opposite Day, wouldn't you have to say it's not Opposite Day for it to be true since it's Opposite Day? Yup, it's time to end the blog because all this thinking is giving me a headache. 

Click Burglar Clem...OUT!!!

UPDATE: What if Kim Jong Un actually isn't dead but he also isn't technically alive?


I have been using this gif way too much lately