Women Of Detroit Rejoice As Lions Draft Large, Strong Penisini

Ol' Katie Sports News here with a biiig tip.

Coming in at around 6'1, 318lbs, John Penisini is pick 18 in round 6 for the Detroit Lions. 


From the Desert News:

When John Penisini saw several Utah teammates coming off the board during Friday’s second day of the 2020 NFL draft, he just had to give a shoutout.

“Uboyz baby,” he tweeted.

Penisini got his reward, too, when the Detroit Lions selected the defensive tackle in the sixth round with the 197th overall pick Saturday. He’s the seventh former Ute taken in the 2020 draft.

I probably would have never noticed this news on Twitter under normal circumstances but isolation times = desperate times and my messed up eyeballs are honing in on key words more than usual these days. I'm sure he hasn't heard 1,000 variations of name jokes at this point either so I'm glad to be the first person to ever point this out. 

Congrats to John on this huge accomplishment and also I'm sorry for who I am as a person.

Ok one more thing.. Watch this highlight video to hear a straightfaced, "Penisini right in the face of Eason!" (but also to see a damn good DT at work, of course.)