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This Scene From "Man Seeking Woman" On How We Over-Analyze Our First Texts Could Not Be More Spot On


Spot-on. Trying to figure out what to text that girl whose number you just got can be a mind-fuck, as if you’re in a war room. Do you just say hey it’s Barstool Nate? Do you go with a joke? If it’s too short then you didn’t say enough, if it’s too long then hey bro, nobody asked for your life story. It’s all very confusing. I haven’t watched Man Seeking Woman but I DVR it every week so I’ll get on that soon.


PS: Your opening line on Tinder or text should never be “babes”. Babes is for when you’re drunk and have already talked to the girl a little bit. Opening with babes is a bold, bold move. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it’s best used for around 1 in the morning when you’re trying to set things up with flings of either past or present. Just make sure it’s not a dude you’re texting it to. (Unless you’re into that, of course).