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The Newest, Fiercest Rivalry: Georgina Rodriguez vs Ester Exposito For The No. 1 Queen On Spain's Instagram

[Source] - And Rodriguez, who has just lost her status as Spain's Instagram queen, was at it again on Friday while performing squats in matching pink gym gear.

Meanwhile Rodriguez has been knocked off her top spot as Spain's Instagram queen by a 20-year-old actress called Ester Exposito.

Rivalry is all the talk right now thanks to The Last Dance and Jordan vs the Pistons. Well, let me introduce you to the fiercest rivalry we have. Georgina Rodriguez vs Ester Exposito. And I mean it's a fierce rivalry for the most followers on Instagram. Just last week we had a handing of the torch with Exposito taking over as the leader in followers. No word on if Rodriguez shook her hand, but Exposito was No. 1 thanks to posts like this. 

Then Rodriguez (Ronaldo's girlfriend/maybe wife) responded by working out. She's showing that she's here for the battle. She's going Jordan! 

Georgina didn't hear no bell! She's not going to throw in the damn towel! She got to the No. 1 spot for a reason! 

Pretend the old school Barstool star system is below 

Vote 1 for Exposito, vote 10 for Rodriguez