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The SEC Tied the Record for Most Players Selected in an NFL Draft Through Four Rounds — in Three Rounds

I am so sick of the NFL's SEC bias. FORTY players from the SEC were selected in the first three rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft, which would have tied the conference's own high mark through four rounds from 2013. The next-closest conference is the Big 10 with 17 players, and the ACC's eight selections so far rank behind both LSU (10) and Alabama (9).

And let me say that I am in no way a "conference" guy — I have never and will never root for another SEC team in a bowl game or any of that nonsense — and I hate most of these players and wish them no good fortune, but it does speak to the comical gap in competition between the SEC and everybody else. Hell, Vanderbilt and Mississippi State had guys drafted last night.

I'm sure whatever the conference record for an entire draft will be shattered today, too, because there are still more productive SEC players who have not had their names called. The talent disparity in college football becomes pretty apparent when you look at these numbers. There are probably only five or six programs in the country — as presently constructed — outside the SEC that could join the conference and stay afloat.

I look forward to seeing everybody back here next year when we go for 41 in the first three rounds.