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After Non-Stop Begging To Be Traded, The Skins Were Going To Send Trent Williams To The Vikings But He Cried About It So The Vikings Drafted A Tackle Instead And Told Trent Williams To Go Fuck Himself

Fucking insane. I've defended Trent Williams to the bitter end. I said I don't blame him for wanting out of DC. I said I don't blame him for sitting out last year after the training staff and Bruce Allen fucked him. Everyone involved- Trent, the new regime in DC, and the fanbase were ready to wash their hands of the situation, say no hard feelings, and move on. And now Trent is raising a stink about where he's being traded to????? How is that real? 

There obviously is more to the story than meets the eye because I don't know how he can reject a trade but apparently that's what happened. What a god damn diva. Everyone is trying to make this happen but Trent is demanding a new thing every day. It's crazy and infuriating.

Don't get me wrong- there's a chance Ian Rapoport has this wrong or I have it wrong and this was blundered in some other way. I don't know at this point what to believe. I just know everyone wants to move on from this and apparently now Trent won't let them. Lunacy. Pure lunacy. 

Now I'm 100000% fine with the Redskins not dealing him and being like hey dude sit out again or honor your contract, we don't care anymore. Sit out 2 years in a row of a $15 million deal, we dare ya, we double dare ya. Would be interesting to see how quickly he'd be on a plane to Minnesota.