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From my drunk mispelling lips in November to Ryan Pace's ears

I had kind of a joking mock draft earlier today with the Bears taking every single ND player available, but Kmet is the only one I truly wanted. Here is what I said earlier today

The Bears need a TE. They need a guy who can come in and play every down at an important position in the Nagy offense. Burton hasn't worked and was cut. Shaheen is a bum. Jimmy Graham is a thousand years old, can't block and can't even really run. Kmet comes in and makes the Bears better on day 1. He can block. He can line up outside, in the slot, or at the end of the line. Freak athlete who played baseball in the spring so he is going to get better as he continues to get football reps and real football offseason training. Take him and don't look back. 

Said on the blog. Said it on twitter. Said it on Redline. People who follow Barstool Chicago should know that I LOVE Cole Kmet.

Shout out to Ryan Pace for taking both a position of need and the best player available AND…he just so happens to be a Chicago area kid. The pride of Arlington Heights. He makes the Bears better INSTANTLY. Now they have a guy who can play every down and then when it's redzone they can go 12 personnel and bring Jimmy Graham on the field. BIG day for the Bears. Love everything about this pick. The Bears are better now than they were 15 minutes ago. Bear fucking DOWN. 

I know people are mad online about this pick. I don't understand it. He is a STUD. Everyone who hates the pick now will love it by week 2.