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Have A Saturday With 'The Thrill' By Wiz Khalifa

Hit you guys with this Mac Miller classic last weekend, and now I'm here to remind you of the greatness of 'The Thrill'

Quite possibly and very likely even better than 'The Spins'.

I vividly remember being at some random house party of one of my buddies who had an open house probably sometime in 2011. This was one of those open houses that everyone looked forward to because it was the kid like in all the movies that has a fuckin' mansion and an indoor pool. 

I mean he comes from a great family and awesome parents, but how naive do you have to get to leave your teenage son home for a weekend alone with those kind of resources? 


Anyways a bunch of young, dumb, horny high schoolers were in the indoor pool and this song came on over his speaker system around the house. Everyone started singing it. Felt like life was moving in slow motion. Damn good times. 

I hope everyone had a moment like this with this song, and if you haven't then hopefully that moment will come after quarantine. At the very least, this will have you feelin' good sitting at home day drinking inside for the 5th Saturday in a row.