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Foo Fighters Now Streaming One Of Their Most Legendary Shows Ever To Raise Money For COVID Relief Fund

The Foo Fighters are now streaming their legendary Hyde Park headlining gig from 2006 on YouTube, where viewers are given the option to donate to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund, and if you haven't seen it, I strongly urge you to change that tonight!

It's probably the Foo Fighters show I've watched more than any other, to be honest - because while Wembley in 2008 is the cream of the crop, it's also a long-ass watch, and one that I usually throw on my television and make a night of. Hyde Park, on the other hand, is a nice condense 1hr20min, still features ripping guest performances from Lemmy, Brian May, and Roger Taylor, and it scratches both the "greatest hits" and "deep cut" nerves. 

Hell, the song they did with Lemmy was off Dave's 'Probot' record - an awesome heavy metal drumming side project of his...

Opening with 'In Your Honor' was so all time, Taylor Hawkins is going as hard anyone's ever gone behind the kit, Chris Shiflett's playing a guitar twice the size of him, the version of 'Stacked Actors' from this show is quite possibly the best ever, Dave's got weird short hair, the mix is phenomenal - there's nothing not to love! Just watch it and donate!