This Jets Draft Logo is the Most Jets Thing Ever

Source -  Only this could happen to the New York Jets.

The Jets offensive line got a whole lot bigger Thursday night when the team selected Louisville tackle Mekhi Becton with the No. 11 overall pick in the NFL draft.

Before it even got to that point, a Jets graphic came in to inform fans that the pick was in. But the Jets logo was placed in a matter that it looked like the team was selecting male genitalia.

Goddamned Jets. Or WFAN. Or Whoever is responsible for this design doesn't really matter. What counts is that 31 other franchises and their broadcast partners would've taken one look at this and responded to the graphic artist, "It says 'DICK.' We'll be killed on the internet. Change it." OK, possibly not the Browns. Because nobody in Cleveland told Hue Jackson the logo of  his very important charitable foundation that does very excellent work looks like two guys receiving oral:


Still, this is the Jets. And therefore no one was self-aware enough to spot the obvious. And now it's impossible to unsee it. As far as the internet reaction, the universe was only too happy to oblige.


I guess if there's one positive for the Jets, it's that Mekhi Becton found out right away what a joke of an organization he just became a part of. Sometimes it takes Jets rookies weeks to discover that.