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Virginia Releases New Logos, Promptly Gets Shit On By Entire Internet

Huge news for Virginia! New logos. Everyone loves new logos right. Well, except the Rams logos - everyone loves new logos. What do you think Internet? Let's check it out: 

And on and on we go. The one drawing the most criticism is the Cavalier logo - which does look something straight out of a NBA2k create your own team design. Naturally that's the one being meme'd and attacked like Vindog let off the leash

Who knew Virginia fans were not to be fucked with when it came to Wahoo vs Cavaliers? It's like mentioning they have a slow tempo and all their fans scream about their offensive efficiency. I don't hate the other two logos though. The V-sabre is just a Virginia staple. Just goes to show you unless you're the Chargers the internet will hate logos in 2020. 

Bring back the orange jerseys