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It Was For A Good Cause But Boy Was This Some Awkward Clapping From Prince Charles

Holy moly was that fucking awkward. The Duke And Duchess of Rothesay with an all time off-putting clapping performance. And yes I know it was for a good cause, I'm not criticizing that part. It was just super duper fucking awkward. It was almost haunting. You don't realize how weird clapping is until there's only two people doing it. A large crowd of people clapping isn't weird at all. Back in the day when people were still allowed to go outside, gather in large groups and, say, watch a sporting event together clapping was the norm. An entire stadium of people clapping is one of the more positive noises a person can hear. That is not the case when just two people are clapping in front of cameras on their doorstep. 

It was also strange because it seemed like they messed it up somehow. I can't put my finger on what they messed up exactly, but they definitely messed something up. Something about the rhythm of their clapping felt like someone was sticking a screwdriver in my ears. Who knew you could mess up when the instructions are, "Walk outside and clap" but somehow they did. One thing's for and that's that I'm gonna see the two of them clapping in my nightmares for the foreseeable future.