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Here Is What You Need To Earn In Every Single State To Be In The 1%

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Well here you go guys, here’s your mark. Sobering reality for everyone who lives in a real state with a real city. 424,000 dollars to be a 1% in Illinois. Almost 3/4th’s of a million to do the same in Connecticut. Time to pack up your shit and move to whatever state that is that sits above Louisiana because you have a long way to go in the real world. Only thing I really got from this map was moving to the South or Southwest seems like a good idea, North Dakota makes zero sense, and Trent seems to have it right living in Iowa like a relative King. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, making bank is the single coolest thing anyone can do. I know we’re by the common man for the common man but if you don’t aspire for the 1% you’re a loser. Gotta live every day with that mindset even though in your head you know you’ll most likely never get there unless you hit Powerball.