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Does This Look Like The Face Of An Aspiring World Renown Pepper Guy?

So I've started to become a pepper guy in the midst of quarantine. On my first grocery store trip since I've been home I tried to grab some peppers which meant some light shit- a few bell peppers and getting the hell out of there. Very simple...No heat whatsoever. Next time I went I grabbed a few jalapeno's which I think are the perfect amount of spice, but just because they're the perfect amount of spice doesn't mean I have to stop there. I can keep the train moving and that is exactly what I'd like to do. 

The other day my parents hit the grocery store and surprised me with what I had no idea at the time would inspire my pepper journey. They brought home some poblanos, some red jalapenos, and some Serranos. I tried the Serrano's on a burger yesterday and lemme tell was HOT HOT HOT. I believe a jalapeno is anywhere from 5k-8k scoville units whereas a serrano can be up there in the 15k-20k range. 

I mean as you can see in that video I could visibly feel the heat before I even took a bite of the Serranos so I could only imagine the other ones. I've read of course about Carolina Reaper, but I wanna get more into it maybe with shishito?