The Department Of Player Safety Needs To Suspend Kyle Turris For The Way He Makes Mac N' Cheese

Here's the thing--if you want to throw some ketchup on your mac n' cheese then by all means go for it. This is America (well he's probably in Canada but same thing) so nobody is going to stop you from enjoying your Easy Mac the way you want to enjoy it. But for the love of god, man, have some common decency and wait until after you've scooped out your own bowl to cover it in ketchup. Think about anybody besides just yourself for once. It's the same thing as people who drizzle ketchup over a full order of fries instead of just grabbing a ramekin to dip them in. 

At some point the NHL is going to return to the ice. It could be at some point this summer to finish out the 2019-20 season, or it could be at some point next year. Either way, Kyle Turris needs to sit for at least 2 games once the league resumes play. Lucic got 2 games earlier this year for protecting his goalie...


...and I see much less wrong with anything that went down there as I do with mixing ketchup in to the entire batch of Easy Mac. At least Lucic was trying to stick up for his teammates. Turris is out here taking 4 minute shifts and not even considering snapping the puck around. 

P.S. - If you're going to be putting a condiment on your mac n' cheese, you gotta go hot sauce. Mix a little Cholula in that bad boy and now we're talking.