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Tonight Was The Worst All Around Jeopardy Performance Of All Time And I'm Not Exagerrating

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.52.47 PM.

JFK’s assassination. Man Walking on the Moon. The time this bitch Stephanie dropped a NEGATIVE SIXTY EIGHT HUNDRED on Jeopardy. All “remember where you were when…” moments.

I mean this is an absolute MOCKERY of the game. An complete disgrace. This picture looks like a goddam screenshot from Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL. Surprised Trebek didnt walk up to Brad and Stephanie’s podium, spit in their faces, slap them across the face, and say something in French Canadian to the effect of “Get the fuck off my set.” Trebek kicked them off stage for Final Jeopardy and Kristin was allowed to compete by herself for money. She only wagered $1600 which I guess makes sense but I’m thinking you gotta go $8,399 and know you’re coming back anyway. She got it wrong anyway and then when Trebek walked over to bid farewell he pretending to shake hands with the two contestants that werent there. He described it as “Not our most exciting game ever.” Cold blooded.

Just an utter travesty what went on tonight. This is the kind of shit I expect from Sajak and his circus. But today the joke is on Trebek. A true black eye for the greatest quiz show of all time.