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So Who Won The Khalil Mack Trade?

Big tweet salad to start this blog but I needed to set the stage that's a pretty easy way to do it. By now we all get the point. Bears get Khalil Mack (and 2nd and 5th) while Raiders get two 1st rounders (and 3rd and 6th). So for all intents and purposes, you can measure the Mack trade by the 1st rounders. 

Last year they took Josh Jacobs in the 1st round, 24th overall. Trill frowned but Jacobs had a breakout rookie season to the tune of 7 TD's and averaging > 100 yards from scrimmage/game. He ran for 1150 on just 242 rushes so he didn't get completely murdered last year. He's a solid NFL #1 running back that's probably going to hold out after this year if he's worth a shit again. But still he's a first round running back and unless it's Saquon or Christian, you can find another guy very easily. It's a stolid pick but what's the realistic shelf life? 

Next up, one of last night's biggest reaches Damon Arnette, a physical man-coverage specialist out of OSU that's supposed to play on Tyreek Hill starting tomorrow. Allegedly considered the highest graded man-coverage defensive back in the entire class. He's a little slow but pushes people around. Lot of people said he benefited from being around an awesome pass rush. Not the guy who takes games over by himself just kind of a bad boy thumping corner that wants to fight you on the line of scrimmage. Most thought he was a 2nd or 3rd rounder. 

mmmmmm. sports.

And then on the other side of this is Khalil Mack. I don't need to suck his dick anymore than you would enjoy watching it so let's just agree he's one of the best defensive linemen in the world and he's under contract the next five seasons. 

Obviously I'm biased but I'm also not a fucking moron. I think in hindisight if you're Jon Gruden, you have to feel like the biggest idiot of all time and that's before I remind you guys that he fuckin TRASED Khalil Mack on draft night in 2014. Had the entire negative highlight reel all clipped up and everything:

It's an easy to answer to me, but I also consider myself a man of the people so I'll turn it over to you. Anything less than an overwhelming margin of victory would be considered a surprise. 

Tell me I'm wrong. 

You're wrong Carl

blow me