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The Saddest Sight From Draft Night Was The Chargers Not Being Able To Fill Up All Their Zoom Boxes With Fans

God dammit San Diego Los Angeles! Is it really that hard to find 12 different groups of Chargers fans to give 10 seconds of their time while the entire country is locked inside during a pandemic? You gotta find a way to fill that screen up to stop the bleeding of being the least cared about team in the country. I don't care if you throw on some players modeling the incredible new uniforms, employees from accounting, or fans of opposing teams to give it a Chargers home game feel. Hell, I'm sure a half dozen or so of Philip Rivers' kids are still Chargers fans in their heart of hearts and have some Bolts gear in their drawers. But you can't have logos up in those boxes on a night where every NFL fan on the planet is living and dying with every word spoken. Not because the franchise or the players deserve it. But because the uniforms deserve it.

This may be what finally kills Boltman.