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Man Discovers a Brilliant Way to Measure the Trees in His Yard

As a plumber, my single most important tool was my tape measure. Well, maybe my sense of humor is right up there too, as being knee-deep in the funky stuff can either bring out the best or the worst in you. I used humor to survive.

But, I always used my tape measure, along with the No.2 pencil I had in my ear, to make calculations. Estimating jobs that only lived on paper, made calculations more difficult. Even with plans in front of you, you had to be creative to get it done. 

(posted on Reddit by his brother u/Shwnwllms)

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this genius of a man who decided certain types of measures could be done using a simple Photoshop calculation. With one hand likely in a bag of chips, body in a reclined position, he determined the tree in his backyard was 5 of him tall. No ladder. No tape measure. No pencil. No risk. Just a few clicks of a mouse. Brilliant. 

They say "hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard", but here you see talent + laziness prove otherwise. 

Memes can solve more than social media arguments, they can solve math equations. Good work!