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WWF Attitude Era Fridays: The Hooooooooooe Train!!!

I'm gonna put The Godather's Hoe Train right at the top of the list of things I can't believe actually existed 20 years ago because they would cause millions of peoples brains to break if they were around on TV or video games. 

Not just the girls or the entrance being called the Hoe Train. But The Godfather's whole intro in the ring, which was much more incredible than I remember. Speaking of which, holy shit that song still slaps or knocks or whatever the kids say today. What a gimmick. What an era. What a time to be alive. 

Despite all the joy The Godfather brought to my life with every hoe train, and trust me it was plenty since I was a young man interested in girls but also too scared to talk to them, I will never forgive him for giving me countless nightmares as a kid back when he was Papa Shango.